I am a newbie home brewer!

Yes – after years of thinking about homebrew I’ve finally decided to take the challenge and brew my own beer. Ok – to be honest – not completely “own”, I will start with a beer kit, but anyway, I still consider this to be my first self brewed ale. And to continue with honesty – my decision was not completely my “own” either – I got this beer kit as a gift for Xmas, but instead of throwing it away (as normally happens with gifts that need action), I studied a bit, asked some advice from friends and bought the gear necessary for my firsts homebrew. But enough of unnecessary explanations – this post is meant to explain this blog’s purpose, so shortly:

  1. My name is Rait and I like beer
  2. I’ve outgrown from “regular beer”, that you find in supermarkets (may be due to overuse in history)
  3. I like crafted beer from small brewers
  4. I have thought about brewing some myself
  5. I will brew myself
  6. I have acquired all materials needed to brew my very first ale (from a beer kit)
  7. I want to document my first steps and I am not afraid of making a fool of myself
  8. I have started homebrewbungler.com

So here I am – ready to brew my first ale and happy to share this with the rest of the world (share the process, not the ale) and this is at the moment the main goal of HomeBrewBungler. However, if I shall this it more seriously, I may add some more info about home brewing, as well as tips and tricks and links to more resources. Maybe even make this place a well known website for home brewers, where everyone comes to get advice and to share their achievements. Maybe…  well, I’ll just stop here and go back to the beginning – this blog is about my personal brewing experience, everything else is a bonus.

We’ll see where it goes, but one promise I can make – if I brew, then I blog!

With best regards,