Ready for my first homebrew

Fermentation of my very first (almost) self made ale started yesterday 🙂 On this article I will just show what equipment I acquired and used (and will use in next steps) to start my first homebrew. Feel free to criticize my choices, the truth we will find out in a month (anyway I rate my chance of success 50/50).

It all started last Xmas, when I got this gift:

Muntons Gold

Muntons Gold IPA beerkit

Generally I would like to punish people (or Santa 🙂 in this case) who make gifts that require additional funding from the receiver, but this time I was happy. At last I couldn’t postpone my “planned for few years” first homebrew anymore and I started to look around for info and equipment needed to put this gift into proper use.

To be honest, I did not spend much time looking around. I familiarized myself with general instructions how to brew from this particular kit and used the same store from where this gift was bought, to purchase necessary equipment and some additional materials. So there may be better options available (and some lessons learned I already got 🙂 ). Anyway – I decided, that I need those things to craft my first homebrew:

  1. Fermentation bucket. I chose Brewferm’s 30L bucket bundled with airlock and tap:
    Fermentation bucket

    Brewferm fermentation bucket


  2. For cleaning and sanitizing equipment I bought SaniClean and PBW:



  3. Although the above 2 purchases were enough to start mixing and fermentation, I took advice from a more experienced friend and replaced the original yeast with this:
    Yeast Fermentis

    Safale US-05


That was all I needed to start with my first homebrew, some other accessories needed (like container for boiled water, tools for mixing etc) I found from my home supplies (just used my newly purchased PBW and Saniclean to wash and sterilize those first). But to be ready for next steps, I also acquired the following stuff, that I’m gonna use after about a week:

  1. Bottles and caps. I went for 0,5 litre bottles with Grolsch-style swing-cap. Main reason – I like it:
    Bottles and caps

    Bottles and caps


  2. Those bottles also need cleaning and sanitizing, so I added to my basket a bottle washer, brush and bottle drying tree:
    Bottle washer

    Bottle washer

    Bottle drying tree

    Bottle drying tree and brush


  3. To ease bottling my first homebrew, I chose to use simple bottle filler:
    Bottle filler

    Bottle filler


  4. To get a bit more out of this kit, I will use Muntons beerkit enhancer instead of regular sugar:

    Beerkit enhancer

    Muntons beerkit enhancer

So these are the tools and ingredients I’m going to use crafting my very first homebrew. Doesn’t look so hard now, when fermentation has begun and the rest seems understandable and doable 🙂 But will this be a success? Well, we’ll see. Anyway, already now I’m pretty sure, that no matter what happens with my first homebrew, there will be others to follow and I will continue to share my progress in this blog.

With beer, sry best regards,

Raitulja the HomeBrewBungler