The sound of Beer

Few weeks ago I was driving to the city and listened to one of my regular playlists (metal1) as usual. It was the third or fourth song (Avenged SevenfoldHail to the King“), when I suddenly felt a strong desire to have a beer – a good IPA, to be exact. Of course I couldn’t have one – no good shops were nearby and moreover – I was driving. So I had to wait until evening, when back at home, where I had couple of good IPA’s from one local small craft beer brewer.

But by the time everything was ready for a good, nourishing sip of Jolly Newfie, the feeling was not the same anymore. I mean – the Newfie was good, I felt as good as I always feel, when I have time to enjoy a good craft beer, but something was different. Then it hit me – this beer didn’t sound like the song that made me thirsty earlier. I took my smartphone and started to browse through my playlists to find the correct music for Newfie and just before finishing my glass, I found it – ZZ Top and specially their “Gimme All Your Lovin’ “.

Sound of Beer - ZZ Top

ZZ Top

Beer and Music

As I was looking for topics to write about in between brewing posts (as they depend on my homebrew phases), I thought why not connect different beers to specific bands or songs. Music doesn’t always remind me of some specific beer or make me want a good ale and nor does every zip of beer make a song sound in my head, it depends greatly on mood and some other factors, but it happens frequent enough to start the Music and Beer category in my blog. This category will definitely not be updated daily, I doubt if I have enough to share weekly, but as last 2 weeks have shown, 1-2 times per month I have enough connections between beers and songs to make a post and share my results to the rest of the world.

When evaluating my connections between specific beers and music, you have to take into account my musical preferences. Mostly I like rock (harder) and metal, but also blues and punk, so most good beers will probably be linked to those styles, but I will not limit myself with it. Anyway, much depends on the mood and this will not be a scientific research, so any connections may appear on my mind and if the link is strong enough, I will remember it and add to my next Music and Beer post.

First connections

As I wrote above – Jolly Newfie by Lehe Brewery (Estonia) tasted good with ZZ Top, but I still had to find the taste for Avenged Sevenfold‘s “Hail to the King“. For 2 weeks I either thought about this song while having a beer or if possible played it, but unfortunately I have not yet found the correct beer. As this song sounds to me like US, the correct beer should also be American or at least the style has to be. But the closest taste I got so far is Amarillo by Brouwerij de Molen from Netherland:

The sound of beer - Amarillo

Amarillo by Brouwerij de Molen

Amarillo is one of my current favorites and I try to keep at least 1 bottle in fridge, to help me in both – good and bad times, but it is not fully an Avenged Sevenfold ale. I will continue with my search for correct beer.

Second connection I would like to share in my introductory post to Beer and Music, is a bit special, as is the beer itself. A week ago, while visiting my favorite beershop, I asked the salesman to surprise me – offer me something special, something different from the IPA’s I bought and something very unique (I also added, that it will be okay, if its something I will never buy again). I got this:

Sound of Gose

Gose by Westbrook Brewing co

As promised, it was special, it wasn’t my taste at all, but I kinda liked it a bit, not enough to buy one more right away, but enough to make a plan to test this again in summer, when a good refreshment is most needed. Maybe because this beer is way out of my regular range and the shock of first zip was a great bang, but the correct song was in my head instantly. Gose by Westbrook tasted to me like Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In the Heart“. You remember this song? Although the style is not among my favorites, this song makes me smile every time I hear it. I don’t listen it often, but 3-4 times per year I look it up and play, same will be with Gose – probably I’ll buy next can not before 4 months, in summertime.

That should be enough for first post in my new Beer and Music category. There are already couple of new connections ready to be analyzed and posted, but I need some more research before sharing. If interested, feel free to follow my blog and any comments are very welcome.

Have a nice beer!

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